by the Dirac Sea


audio visual instrument by Martina Moro and Maurizio Nardo

By the Dirac Sea is a sound art performance experimenting with sound wave interfearence. In collaboration with artist and musician Maurizio Nardo we sail through an angry storm towards the unknown.

My instrument is an audio transducer, attached to a see-through conteiner, that vabrites according to the sound. Hand-picked objects and fluids that vary in their properties; density, composition and surface tension and  elasticity. This allows me to play with the sound and to create magnified narratives of coexistence.

”They surround us, permeate us, in
the vacuum of outer space and in the
centre of the earth, every possible
place a particle could be. An infinitely
dense “sea” of negative energy
particles. The Dirac sea.”

Geoffrey Landis “Ripples in the Dirac Sea”

Fluid density:

  • detergent                             1.025 g/cm3

  • water!water!water!            1.000 g/cm3

  • caster oil                                0.961 g/cm3

  • almond oil                             0.910 g/cm3

  • fine mechanic oil                 0.859 g/cm3

  • alcohol                                   0.789 g/cm3


The use of laboratory tools, such as pipette, to gain more control over the liquid canvas. Very important is the mouth of the pipette, the thinnest for example has the right air pressure to blow air bubbles into the system.

performances  ︎︎︎

︎ 116#Velakgala

︎  19.10.2020
︎  Fluc, Vienna

   ︎© Nina Bauer


︎ 15.10.2021
︎ p.m.k. Innsbruck


︎ intervention lab: common ground

︎  27.01.2022
︎ AUT, Innsbruck

   ︎© Daniel Jarosch