Rock, Paper, Scissors. (2021)


with Lino Lanzmaier and Fabian Lanzmaier

The work Rock Paper Scissors was developed during a 4 weeks residency in Nantes as part of the Magic Carpets program in cooperation with Trampo and Le Voyage à Nantes.
The installation, combining sculpture, video, a green screen and sound, aimed to take a step back, open the view and bring alternative stories and futures to the nearby environment and history. Isle de Nantes, an area which since 20 years is under strong development and „renewed“ after a Masterplan done around the year 2000. The transformation of this area of over 350 hectares is one of Europe’s major urban projects.

The project tried to bring fantastic futures for a place who's future already seems to be determined by a few people rather than the people who (will) inhabit it.

Stone boulders are an ever-present element on the Isle de Nantes. Often placed next to construction sites, it can be seen as a symbol of gentrification of the former industrial area. The same kind of Stones also get positioned on places, where migrants and people in need for shelter used to settle. With the rocks occupieng the spaces it is impossible for people to rest. After a attack in Nantes 2014 and a wave of terror attacks in France, rocks got placed in high numbers around public squares, promenades and other regularly crowded places.

Rock paper scissors was done in collaboration eith local sculptor Maya Eneva and the students of Beaux-Arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire Nantes, France (video material, stories, additional audio material)

  • Amandine Rousseau
  • Ryma Hadj-Arab
  • Eva Pechova
  • Ai Lin
  • Amelie Bochereau