agar agar


Audio visual instrument by Martina Moro and Fabian Lanzmaier

︎© Talida Mangegna

agar agar is an audiovisual performance by Martina Moro and Fabian Lanzmaier. Combining analogue and digital tools they create an immersive space of abstract sound and visuals. Setting up an instrument in which the visual and auditory parts influence each other, they generate a system with its own dynamics and dependencies, resulting in a synesthetic experience. agar agar is a performative instrument, a miniature stage, that under many spotlights, reveals an ecstatic choreography of patterns interacting with each other.

In our multidisciplinary research we work in the fields of visual arts and sound. Our practices of fluid narratives, sensory exploration, aspects of texture and structure in sound synthesis and audio visual stimulation, aim to bring technological elements, of both analog and digital nature, to an immersive experience.

performances  ︎︎︎

︎  Lab30 Medienkunst-Festival

︎  27.10.2022
︎ Kulturhaus abraxas, Augsburg, Germany

   ︎ © Fabian Schreyer

︎  Point of Departure

︎  25.03.2023
︎ ST. Bartlmä, Innsbruck, Austria

   ︎© Anna Pompermaier

︎  C3 residency

︎  23.03.2023
︎ C3, Milan, Italy

   ︎© Tommaso Maria Simone Laganá